Its Time! Stepping Up And Out

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This programme has been designed for those who are totally ready to step out and up, for those who have already "cleaned their house" and dusted away the cobwebs. Yes, this is the next step; there's more dusting to do than you expected... but you know that now is the time to step forwards. Always forwards.

Go all the way and love it

We will use a unique combination of techniques from performing arts, prisoner rehabilitation and entrepreneurship to help you develop a new behavioural system to continue momentum and identify, focus and achieve goals.

This programme is for you if you have done any of the following in the last six months:

  • Bought ‘thinking books’ for collecting thoughts
  • Changed the layout or decoration of your home
  • Written an enterprising idea down, even if on a beermat!
  • Started blogging
  • Had a confrontation with your boss
  • Been ‘travelling’ rucksacks not suitcases, you know what we mean!
  • Started volunteering or helping a charity
  • Planned a sabbatical
  • Bought a web domain for your idea
  • Started a new job or are looking for one!

So come and join us - you might be surprised how much insight and motivation you will gain from interacting with others in your situation.

organising genius

Success is getting up one more time
- Dr.Robert Anthony