A Conversation With The Self

Our most popular workshop, A Conversation With The Self uses video to explore the words unspoken! Because having fun with this is a key component, this technique actually works better in groups (of strangers or colleagues), although it can be delivered effectively to individuals who wish it. In a confidential and nurturing environment, we identify inner negative dialogue and sometime even excuses, that we sub-consciously create to reject the Genius within and prevent development, progression and transformation.

Turn down the volume in your head

We all have old scripts which now play automatically; repeating thoughts that prevent us from responding positively and proactively to the competing urges of our inner Genius which whispers "it is time to change; time to develop; time to heal; time to re-direct". And too often we conclude with responses such as "yes, but if I do, this could happen or that could happen - it's not quite the right time - I'm actually ok just the way I am". Sound familiar?

Recognise the Self that is enemy - and friend

Have you ever realised that you have read a situation completely wrong after confronting someone?

Have you ever played out a conversation in your head, presumed the other person's response and so not bothered to have the conversation for real?

Have you ever mentally designed an entire scenario of bringing an idea or dream into realisation sitting in the bath, and then concluded it won't work?

Have you ever attended a Personal Development workshop and sat there thinking this is a complete waste of time and been unwilling to discuss your Self openly and honestly?

If you have said yes to any of the above, then this course is for you - yes it is!

organising genius

Invest in your inner self!
- River Sweeney