Rising Up - The Inner Entrepreneur

This is a 2-day programme which assists, encourages and motivates individuals who are thinking about starting their own business or enterprise, including what we call a life-business. It is suitable for those in employment or already ‘unemployed’.

This isn't a business course - there are a hoard of business support organisations that can provide that kind of more formal training. To benefit from this workshop, you already need to be pretty fed-up with the old ways of working, learning and being. You need to be passionately committed to tapping into the Genius within, to entirely change the way you do business and interact with other people.

Think about this: if you do what you have always done, you get what you have always got.

By the end of this programme, you will have:

  • A greater understanding of your own personal strengths and weaknesses, skills and qualities
  • Increased motivation, confidence and stamina!
  • Identification of entrepreneurship qualities and how to develop them within yourself
  • Genius communication and presentation skills
  • For motivational purposes, we also deliver some formal information-giving on raising finance and generating financial support, and this is delivered by truly inspirational fund-raisers!

organising genius

If your circumstances change, you change
- Sam Oduwole