Because Organising Genius is process focused as much as content focused, our programmes are suitable for people who have undertaken some personal development work and for those who have not. If you are experiencing some level of dissatisfaction; if you know that there is much more to discover about yourself, your dreams, your capabilities; if you are not taking any action on this and are feeling immobilised for an unknown reason, our workshops will be able to help you.

River Sweeney will create a nurturing environment, in which she will facilitate techniques and tools to encourage self exploration through the playing out of unrecognised excuses and old ‘soap operas’ (the voices in your mind); these are gently highlighted and challenged. The facilitator's main role is to orchestrate and arrange; it is YOU who creates the workshop and will ultimately create discovery, healing, acceptance and transformation.

All our workshops come with a warning; please attend ONLY if you sincerely want to change and enhance your life.

We have recently started a one-to-one Results Coaching Practice. Here we customise the programme of work to suit individual requirements. This helps our clients to have renewed focus and increased momentum in a short period of time.

Other information:

  • All our workshops include a follow-up one-hour consultation, either in person or on the telephone. This helps to express and absorb any issues arising from the self-discovery that you will have achieved in the workshop.
  • Our workshop will never have more than 12 participants. This intimacy ensures the quality of your own understanding and allows you to get the most out of the facilitator and other participants.
  • For corporate or group clients, all the following workshops are usually adapted and more specifically customised following discussion.

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(The last two workshops can be adapted to meet company's intrapreneurship needs)

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Explore new ways of living, learning and working.
- River Sweeney