What we do

We work with people who are asking these questions, but how often do you have the time to stop and answer them:

Where am I heading?
What do I really want?
Who am I?
Can I, is it my time?

It is well-known that individuals and teams with a greater knowledge of Self, of personal purpose and professional or business motivations, possess the focus and self-belief that makes them pro-active, productive and invaluable members of society.

In the midst of the greatest technological boom in human history; microwaves, dishwashers, mobile phones, multi-channel TV, the World Wide Web... second properties, senior management, supermarket luxury ranges - things are surely getting easier. We have come a long way as a society and as individual citizens...

The one thing lacking within these notions of modernity is ‘I’. How can we re-claim ‘I’ and relearn how to innovate, how can we act out our dreams, in a culture where we all hear the same news, watch the same TV programmes, are even encouraged to have the same fears? How do we begin to find our Self again?

Modern notions of progress have deluded some of us into thinking we are successful if we have the latest product, a prestigious job, an aspirational lifestyle. These ‘some of us’ are people who, if they had a breathing space, might aspire to different paradigms of success or happiness, that are aware of the dormant Genius within, but are unequipped to let the Genius take the reins. Because you're reading this, you are probably one of those people.

So please browse our workshops and we hope you will find something to suit your individual Self.

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Some of us have dreams that are reasonable and not dreams that we really want.
- Anonymous