About River Sweeney

Organising Genius workshops are designed and delivered by River Sweeney who has over 20 years experience in assisting others in transforming their lives through creative thinking processes. She has worked with clients as diverse as children, corporate professionals, artists and prisoners.

River's qualifications include a degree in Drama & Theatre Studies from Goldsmiths University and she also holds certificates in Psychology, Social Studies, Youth Work and Formal Teaching. She has recently graduated as a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and gained certificates in Neurological Repatterning, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Results Coaching from The Christopher Howard Companies.

River's interest in personal development and re-enfranchisement began when as an actor in the 1980s, she came across the American formed Geese Theatre Company, which worked with prisoners in England and Wales. After working with them she also facilitated workshops for Clean Break Theatre Company, which delivered similar workshops for women ex-prisoners. During this time River developed and sharpened her skills in using creativity as a tool to rehabilitate and empower through performance and creative thinking.

After gaining a few more years' experience delivering more formal training within the public sector, River then formed her own company Positive Pathways which designed and delivered bespoke training programmes to inspire, motivate and raise self-esteem amongst young people and teachers within schools, colleges and youth organisations. Her current venture is Organising Genius.

River's other roles in life have included drugs counselling, marketing, acting, waitressing in New York (oh yeah!), employability training, photography and teaching drama. It is a combination of all of River's life experiences that led her to her current insights and experiences about the nature of learning, transforming ourselves and achieving a level of enfranchisement that suits our personalities and dreams.

About Organising Genius

Organising Genius is a programme of workshops designed for people who feel they have more to offer to themselves (and maybe to a wider community). Our workshops help people to release inner obstacles and discover inner strength and resources to transform their lives.

We don't believe in secrets, so we can't actually give you a magic formula. Sorry. Rather than imparting knowledge or answers, we believe in Action Learning, that is discovery through doing and experiencing. So we facilitate processes that will require you to act out scenarios and apply analysis to your real situations, either in the workshop or during your daily life. Through applying the techniques we use, you can start learning and acting out new behaviour patterns that will further facilitate productivity and transformation.

Another one of our processes is a well-known but little used method in education theory, called Social Constructivism. This says that we learn by collating, consolidating and synergising knowledge and experiences from other people, especially groups. We have found this way of learning to be extremely effective in enhancing motivation, confidence and transformative behaviour. This is why we like to work in groups*.

* Although we are willing to work with individuals for those who wish it.

Groups of strangers are as equally effective as groups of work colleagues. We create a new kind of environment where people can communicate at a level very different to our usual levels of communication, that is a level where we discard our superficial cloaks of identity and start afresh as entities looking for understanding about our Selves from a new perspective. We encourage people to leave their normal life at the door, which facilitates a uniquely creative interaction between workshop participants and helps people to be welcoming of the thoughts and feelings of others that they may not entertain in their normal life. This is a powerful way to gain courage, insight and purpose and release the Genius within.

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I stand by the analogy that a one degree shift in direction on any journey, will eventually lead to a totally different destination.
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