Welcome to Organising Genius..

Congratulations on finding us amidst the forest of ‘personal development training’ on the web! My first task then is to help you understand what it is we can do for you.

We are here to facilitate the re-enfranchisement of your aspirations and your courage, through releasing the Genius within. We work with people who are already accomplished and aware of what they want, but are seeking tools to be able to achieve more.

What we will do is to facilitate your own understanding. We will help you gain franchise back to enable you to inform your own life choices. We will help you to explore new ways of working, learning and living. Because our processes are different to traditional training methods and we utilise tools from Rehabilitation, Spiritual Counselling, NLP and Results Coaching, our outcomes are much more long-lasting and effective.

Please read more about us in the section ‘About Us’ to find out about our practices in Action Learning and Social Constructivism. This will give you an idea of how our process works and the experiences behind them.

Our facilitation is delivered through innovative interactive workshops. But please note, they are not for people who are looking for ideas and instructions. They are very specifically designed for those who want more; more scope, more self-analysis, more challenge. We won't give you answers, we don't have the seven steps to breaking free, but we will give you the mental environment and techniques that you can use as tools to help you allow the Genius within to take the reins, recognise what you really want, and empower you to go get it.

We have recently started a one-to-one Results Coaching Practice. Here we customise the programme of work to suit individual requirements. This helps our clients to have renewed focus and increased momentum in a short period of time.

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Please browse our site and feel free to contact me for any further information.

Warmest wishes,

River Sweeney


If you have always done what you always did... You will always get what you always got
- Jackie Mabley